Framed Artwork Now Available in Limited Quantities!

Posted by Art of Silk Staff on November 29, 2016
Very limited quantities of framed artwork now available for sale on our website!

We are pleased to announce that a very limited quantity of framed artwork is now available for purchase on our website. To view which silk embroidery art is available framed, please visit the Framed Artwork page on our website.

Brazilian Embroidery: Vibrant Blossoms in Rayon

Posted by Art of Silk Staff on August 20, 2016

Brazilian embroidery is a type of dimensional surface embroidery. Brazilian embroidery does not necessarily come from Brazil, but is named such because the threads used are widely manufactured in Brazil. Instead of cotton or wool, the threads in Brazilian embroidery are 100% rayon, which are extracted from plants by hand and have a smooth and silky texture, much like velvet, making it appropriate for the dimensional stitches. It is this main characteristic that makes Brazilian embroidery famous and appreciated by many.

Soft-Mounted Artwork Now Available, Framed Artwork To Be Discontinued

Posted by Art of Silk Staff on June 20, 2016

We are happy to announce that a large amount of unframed artwork is now in stock and available to purchase on our website. Limited amounts of framed artwork will be made available in the coming weeks on our website and will be discontinued after they sell out.

All Artwork Out of Stock - Unframed Artwork Available in June 2016

Posted by Art of Silk Staff on April 27, 2016

We are working on a major update to the way we store and ship our silk embroidery art. During this process, all of our artwork will display as "out of stock" on our website. We expect to have many of our unframed (soft-mounted) pieces available again for sale in June 2016. Framed artwork will continue to be unavailable or only available in limited quantities until further notice.

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