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Posted by Christopher Leung on May 11, 2012

We are thrilled about using blogging as a medium to share about the art of silk embroidery! Though the secret of silk production spread beyond China’s borders over two thousand years ago, silk embroidery art still remains one of the most rare, mysterious and delicate forms of art in existence.

We have some exciting plans for this blog! Aside from keeping you updated with the latest developments at Art of Silk, we will give you a firsthand look at how silk art is produced, feature interviews with master silk embroiderers and provide tips on how to appreciate silk art. We will document the importance of silk art, its rich culture and history and its place in contemporary design. And because we love both silk and art, you can expect us to share other amazing creations that we think you will appreciate!

We hope you will join us in spreading the art of silk across the world. Come back often and see you soon!

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Posted by Helen Allen on December 07, 2013

I have 3 silk panitings, 2 with a red stamps, I am looking for somebody who can tell where they are from. They are very beatifull.

Posted by yvonne marlow on May 31, 2012

I may be blogging up the wrong tree, but it is a begining. Many years ago I acquired a beautiful work, done on silk. The problem being it is not embroidered, it is hand cut and painted wheat stalk on silk. On the back there is a lable that reads LADY ETERNAL LOVE & BEAUTY Some chinese, maybe, characters for a signature. If anyone can help please respond here. Thanking someone in advance.

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