Bring the 5 Feng Shui Elements to your Home with Color

Posted by Ghada Begdache on January 13, 2013

Nikos Kazantzakis says, "You have your brush, you have your colors, you paint paradise, then in you go." Do it! Take orange and magenta and blue and purple... and green, and yellow--and paint your paradise.

Imagine a world without colors, everywhere you look all you see are the different shades of grey. Gone are the blue skies, the golden sunlight, the green woods and forests, the fiery red sunsets, the purple lavender fields, and let's not forget the blue azure of the oceans, the red strawberries, the pink, yellow, orange flowers... The list is long...

Imagine living in this cold monochromatic world of greyish tones, how would it make you feel? Will you be able to smile, to laugh, to feel love, to enjoy life? Probably not, stemming from the premise that the outer and the inner reflect one another, we too will turn into emotionless, tired and dull creatures.

Luckily for us we can see the world around us in color and enjoy the different hues of cool, hot, vibrant, pale and muted colors that surround us and shape how we see, feel and experience life. Colors impact our mood, our emotions and thoughts, therefore affecting us physically, emotionally and psychologically.

In Feng Shui, colors fall under different categories depending to what element of nature they refer to. The guiding principle of Feng Shui is to strive for balance and harmony when choosing your color scheme whether it be painting your walls, planting your garden--or in this particular case, choosing artwork.

Art of Silk has an extensive collection of beautiful art pieces you can choose from, to bring the five elements of nature to your home. To guide you in your selection I will cite a few.

The five elements of nature are the following: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water

In Feng Shui we believe that the five elements are present in all living things including our physical body. This is why we are most comfortable when all five elements are represented in our homes and offices.

Wood Element

Green is related to the Wood element. It is the color of nature and new growth, the color of harmony and peace, as it falls in the middle of the color spectrum. Wood is associated with spring, therefore with new beginnings; it also relates to the liver. For example, if you are starting a new project, having a baby, buying a new home or are in a new relationship, get lush green plants with rounded leaves to support you on your new journey--and make sure they stay healthy! It is good in the bedroom because of its restful qualities. Green is also the color of paper money and fortunate blessings.

Fire Element

Red is color of the Fire element. In Feng Shui, red is considered the color of good luck and good fortune. Fire energy is bright and fiery, it represents expansiveness and activity. Fire relates to summer and to the human heart--it is the color of passion and drama!

Pink, a calming shade of red is considered the color of love and therefore belongs in the bedroom. Because of its sedative and calming qualities, pink is also good for people with sleeping problems.

Earth Element

Yellow is a color of the Earth element, associated with sunlight and cheerfulness. The Earth element grounds and centers you. When life is going too fast and you need to slow down, to feel connected and stable, any earth tone color will ground you; think of the colors of autumn leaves for inspiration. Earth is related to the harvest and the stomach--also known as the solar plexus, our internal GPS!

Orange is yet another Earth element color, symbolizing enthusiasm and optimism, it is ideal for North facing rooms that need some warming up. Orange is great in stimulating conversations, and is thus suitable for the living room.

Metal Element

White is the color of the Metal element; it is best used as a backdrop since it makes all other colors stand out. It is considered the color of purity and goodness. Metal is associated with communication, creativity and children. The colors of metal include all pastels and metallic colors such as silver, gold, pewter etc. It is related to the lungs and autumn.

Water Element

Blue is the color of the Water element, and is characterized by its gentle and meandering flow. Blue symbolizes tranquility and serenity; it is the color of the sea and sky. The Water element carries the energy of gentle movement, representing our life journey on earth. It is related to the winter season and our kidneys. Water will give you more clarity of mind and accelerate the flow of people or money into your life. Black is another color of the Water element

By selecting Art of Silk pieces in the shades of Green, Red / Pink, Yellow / Orange, White and Blue / Black you can help channel the energy of the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Feng Shui elements to bring harmony and a touch of Kazantzakis' paradise to your home.

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