New High-Clarity Glass, Robust Frame and Mounting Process

Posted by Amanda Mailer on March 28, 2013

We love the exquisite delicateness of silk embroidery and are constantly striving to enhance the way it is displayed. We are proud to announce several improvements to our framing and mounting that will ensure you can enjoy every single detail of your silk embroidery art.

High-Clarity Float Glass

New frame with high-clarity float glass.

Our new frames will feature float glass--the flattest glass available. Because float glass achieves a near perfect plane, it offers minimum distortion and maximum clarity, allowing you to appreciate each shimmering thread.

In addition to being even clearer, float glass is easier to care for. It is scratch-proof and withstands alcohol-based cleaners, so all common household cleaners can be used to clean and polish it.

Supporting Brackets

New supporting brackets installed on premium wood frame.

Four to eight supporting brackets will be pre-installed on our premium wood frames. Each bracket is attached to both the backboard and the frame to hold the silk embroidery artwork firmly in place, adding stability and providing protection for your artwork during shipment and hanging.

New Mounting Process

Each silk embroidery is hand-mounted and hand-framed by our expert framers. We have significantly improved our meticulous mounting process and now spend more than twice the amount of time to ensure that every thread is in place and the cloth is immaculate and perfectly flat.

Improved Packaging

Our packaging too has been improved, and we will be replacing the bulkier foam padding with recyclable bubble wrap and cardboard. We are making our packaging more environmentally friendly and reducing our carbon footprint.

All of these improvements will be available for our upcoming Spring 2013 Collection. We will be gradually replacing our current shatterproof polycarbonate glass with high-clarity float glass. To view details on the type of frame you will receive with your silk embroidery art please view the "Details & Dimensions" tab on the artwork's page.

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