Animal Symbolism in Chinese Art

Posted by Edna Zhou & Siting Ke on March 01, 2014

Chinese people are taught that human and animals are all integral parts of nature; we share the same eternal moral principle. Learn more about various animals and what they stand for in our latest blog post.

The Art of Koi

Posted by Shengfei Zhu & Pia Fennell on August 31, 2013
An example of koi in Chinese painting.

Koi can be seen everywhere these days. From tattoo art and fashion to interior design, these fish call to mind the serenity of the Far East and simple beauty of nature. Koi are ornamental varieties of domesticated carp that are kept in outdoor ponds or water gardens and were originally developed in Ancient Japan for their decorative qualities. Major varieties are distinguished by color, pattern, and size. They are a very common theme for Chinese traditional art, and also carry significant artistic meanings in Asian cultures.