Framed Artwork Now Available in Limited Quantities!

Posted by Art of Silk Staff on November 29, 2016
Very limited quantities of framed artwork now available for sale on our website!

We are pleased to announce that a very limited quantity of framed artwork is now available for purchase on our website. To view which silk embroidery art is available framed, please visit the Framed Artwork page on our website.

Out of Stock? There's a reason: Our frames are going local!

Posted by Christopher Leung on April 29, 2014

We’ve received some messages from customers asking why many of our pieces are currently out of stock. I want to let you in on some exciting news: We are working on offering local custom framing in the United States for all of our artwork! 

New High-Clarity Glass, Robust Frame and Mounting Process

Posted by Amanda Mailer on March 28, 2013

We love the exquisite delicateness of silk embroidery and are constantly striving to enhance the way it is displayed. We are proud to announce several improvements to our framing and mounting that will ensure you can enjoy every single detail of your silk embroidery art.

Our new frames will feature float glass--the flattest glass available. Because float glass achieves a near perfect plane, it offers minimum distortion and maximum clarity, allowing you to appreciate each shimmering thread.