History of Chinese Silk Embroidery

Posted by Christine Boado on August 17, 2012

Silk embroidery is so much a part of Chinese history, that at times it seems as though silk embroidery is as old as China herself and one could not have existed without the other. But Chinese legend tells another story about how silk came to be. It is said that Empress Hsi-Ling Lo-Tsu discovered silk one afternoon, while taking her tea beneath the shade of a mulberry tree. A silk cocoon fell into her cup and as she reached in to pull it out, the silk thread began to unwind, and thus the secret of silk was discovered.

Modern Silk Embroidery Technology

Posted by Christine Boado on August 10, 2012

For centuries silk was cultivated, spun and weaved into textiles using the same age old techniques developed in the Neolithic Age. Artisans in embroidery passed on their skills to apprentices who spent decades perfecting methods that combined precision and artistry to create stunning embroideries with intricate details.

Choosing Art for Your Home

Posted by Christine Boado on August 06, 2012

Art breathes life into a room and can inspire a variety of emotions. It can dramatically change the tone of the room or elegantly complement your current interiors. But choosing a piece of art can often seem daunting and the choices are seemingly endless. You may opt to pick an art piece that you love and then build a room around it or you might simply have an empty wall that is in need of some art. Regardless of your intentions when decorating a space, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Silk in Chinese History

Posted by Christine Boado on August 05, 2012

Chinese legend tells the story of Empress Hsi-Ling Lo-Tsu, the 14 year old concubine of the Yellow Emperor, the Emperor who is regarded as the man that established Chinese civilization. While taking her tea one afternoon under a mulberry tree, a cocoon fell into her cup. The Empress reached in to retrieve the worm, picking up the end of the delicate silk strand. As she lifted her finger out, the silk around the cocoon began to unravel, revealing the secret of silk.