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Singing Eagle


Details & Dimensions


The eagle is a symbol of strength and bravery. In this piece, the eagle is shown with its wings spread and the accompanying poem praises the eagle with admiration. The poem reads:

Living in high mountains and tall forests
Making companions with rocks
Resolving fate among dead trees
Conversing with the moon and the stars
Sleeping together with frost and dew
Enduring loneliness
Surviving in desolation
Undergoing hardships
Thinking the situation as unjust
Having vast thoughts
Breathing air of vast rivers and mountains
Claws clinging sharply
Wings flapping intensely
Shaking the entire word
Scraping feathers against the sky
Thundering power in all directions

The combination of visual art and written poetry showcases the multiple talents of the painter, including his skill in painting, calligraphy and poetry.

- Hand designed 1/4 Silk Thread silk embroidered art
- Frame: 47" x 25", Mat Opening: 38" x 19"
- Premium solid wood frame, black matte finish
- High-clarity glass
- Bevel-cut raised white mat
- Soft-mount option

Framed Embroidery: To clean, wipe with a soft cloth. To hang, use the preinstalled hangers on the back of the frame.

Soft-Mount Embroidery: Enjoy as-is or frame to your liking. The soft-mount can be cut to size and attached to a backboard.

$499.00 $159.00