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Magpies Welcoming Spring


Details & Dimensions


Plum blossoms are one of the most beloved flowers in Asia holding significant cultural significance in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese cultures. It is a symbol of winter and a harbinger of spring, as it blossoms and blooms vibrantly amidst cold winter snow. The plum blossom has come to symbolize not only perseverance and hope, but also beauty, purity, and the transitiveness of life. The two magpies sitting atop a plum blossom tree are beautifully embroidered here with the Chinese writing "Picture of the Coming Spring". In Chinese culture, magpies are considered the bird of joy and bringers of good fortune.

- Hand designed silk embroidered art
- Frame: 33" x 17", Mat Opening: 27" x 11"
- Premium solid wood frame, black matte finish
- High-clarity glass
- Bevel-cut raised white mat
- Soft-mount option

Framed Embroidery: To clean, wipe with a soft cloth. To hang, use the preinstalled hangers on the back of the frame.

Soft-Mount Embroidery: Enjoy as-is or frame to your liking. The soft-mount can be cut to size and attached to a backboard.

$239.00 $79.00