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Beautiful Young Lady


Details & Dimensions


This young lady's bright, beautiful attire is pieced together with fabrics of different patterns and colors, a style characteristic of southern China's waterside towns and often worn during festivals. The occasion captured is of the Lantern Festival, which in traditional Chinese society was one of few occasions women were allowed to roam about freely outdoors, thus becoming a opportunity for romance. The deep and vibrant colors used in this embroidery bring a brilliant color palette to any room while the intricate detail in embroidery is sure to be a source of inspiration and awe.

- Hand designed silk embroidered art
- Frame: 25" x 25", Mat Opening: 19" x 19"
- Premium solid wood frame, black matte finish
- High-clarity glass
- Bevel-cut raised white mat
- Soft-mount option

Framed Embroidery: To clean, wipe with a soft cloth. To hang, use the preinstalled hangers on the back of the frame.

Soft-Mount Embroidery: Enjoy as-is or frame to your liking. The soft-mount can be cut to size and attached to a backboard.

$279.00 $79.00