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Tall Mountains, Long Rivers


Details & Dimensions


This embroidery depicts the mountain and river scenery of the Wudang Mountains in central China, famous for their scenic landscapes, long history of Taoist monasteries and the birthplace of TaiChi, a slow-moving martial art. Featuring golden hues in contrast with dark mountains, the elegance of this piece is highlighted in the intricate embroidery used to create it. This piece is part of the set which includes "LiJiang Scenery" and "Mount Huaguo"--all three pieces complement one another in their depiction of beautiful Chinese scenery in similar style.

- Hand designed silk embroidered art
- Frame: 36" x 21", Mat Opening: 30" x 15"
- Premium solid wood frame, black matte finish
- High-clarity glass
- Bevel-cut raised white mat
- Soft-mount option

Framed Embroidery: To clean, wipe with a soft cloth. To hang, use the preinstalled hangers on the back of the frame.

Soft-Mount Embroidery: Enjoy as-is or frame to your liking. The soft-mount can be cut to size and attached to a backboard.

$299.00 $89.00