Our Locations

Art of Silk U.S.
640 Bailey Road #178
Pittsburg, CA 94565
Art of Silk China
Weihai Road, Jing'An District
Shanghai, China

Our Mission

To make affordable, high quality silk embroidery art accessible to the world.

Our Story

It was during a visit to the ancient city of Suzhou that our founder first laid eyes upon silk embroidery art. Though the purpose of his trip was to explore Suzhou’s luscious gardens and beautiful canals, he discovered that the city was also home to an ancient Chinese tradition of silk art known as "Su Embroidery". He was swept away by the intricacy of the silk stitches, the shimmering threads, and the monumental effort required to complete each piece. It was at this moment that his passion for sharing silk embroidery art was born.

This dream quickly met unexpected challenges. The silk embroideries usually required months to complete, were cumbersome to transport and were priced for the likes of collectors and connoisseurs. Was it possible to create this art more affordably without sacrificing quality?

Four years later, Art of Silk was founded.

How Our Art is Created

Master embroiderers in Suzhou hand design and hand stitch our art. We trace their completed work, stitch-by-stitch, to create a digital version identical to the original. Finally, using genuine silk threads and advanced embroidery technology, we stitch the artwork to be identical to its original. Our founder personally manages our entire operation--from the creation of each art piece to its delivery to every customer--which allows us to guarantee the quality of our work, the environmental friendliness of our operations and excellent working conditions for our artists and workers.

About the Founder

Portrait of Christopher Leung

Born and raised in Northern California, Christopher Leung holds two degrees in Computer Science from UCLA and USC. He has worked to develop software for robotic space exploration missions at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and founded Project:Possibility, a non-profit organization that innovates free technology for persons with disabilities. Christopher moved to Shanghai, China in 2008 and established the University of Southern California's satellite office for managing the operations for its College of Engineering. In 2011, Christopher formally founded Art of Silk, the first company to offer the world's largest selection of affordable silk embroidery art.

A Personal Note

I invite you to explore our silk embroidery art and encourage you to come back often as we expand our collection. I would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you have. I am passionate about spreading awareness of silk embroidery art and I welcome you to join me in sharing its unique beauty with the world!

Thank you for taking this time to learn about Art of Silk!

Christopher Leung
Founder, Art of Silk