See How Our Silk Art is Made

Ancient Chinese painting of several female embroiderers working on silk embroidery in a pavilion

A 2,500 Year Tradition

The earliest piece of silk embroidered art was discovered in China and dates back over 2,500 years. Silk embroidery has been an art form used and perfected through the ages from Ancient China through present day. All of our embroideries are created in Suzhou, home of the most renown silk embroideries in the world, and use the finest materials and highest quality threads.
Our Two Koi Fish Silk Embroidery which uses 1/4 Silk Thread

Over 100,000 Stitches

The quality, value, and aesthetics of silk embroidery all depend on craftsmanship and complexity. Our pieces average over 100,000 stitches with the largest number of stitches in a single piece exceeding 500,000. Many of our pieces utilize 1/4 Silk Thread, made from a single silk thread that is split into four thinner threads, allowing for more detail and a higher level of craftsmanship.
A silk embroider stitching a silk embroidery

Hand Designed

Each embroidery begins with a single stitch. A master embroiderer takes up to twelve weeks to plan and stitch each of our original embroidery designs to completion. We then use the latest technology to recreate their artwork, stitch by stitch, using state of the art software and embroidery hardware. This allows us to offer hand-made quality embroidery at the most affordable prices.
An artisan framer inspecting frame material

Hand Framed

Framed silk embroidery must be centered, proportional and flat without any wrinkles in the fabric. Each embroidery must be mounted and stretched with precision, a technique that requires experience and skill. Our artisan framers adhere to the highest standards of craftsmanship and have been specializing in framing silk embroidery for over 20 years.
Our soft-mount embroidery partly rolled up

Soft-Mount Option

Our soft-mounted embroidery is mounted onto a soft, flexible backing with a cloth mat border. It is the ideal solution if you prefer to frame the silk art yourself or it may be hung as-is. The soft-mount can be cut to any size and may be glued to a backboard for easier positioning. It can also be rolled for storage or shipping.
Sheets of shatterproof glass (polycarbonate)

High Clarity & Robust

Our high clarity float glass is the flattest available, offering minimum distortion and maximum clarity. Float glass is also scratch resistant and withstands common, alcohol-based household cleaners. Secured in reinforced frames, your embroidered artwork is guaranteed to stay in perfect condition travelling from our workshop to hanging your wall.