Feng Shui Inspired Decor - Hand Designed Silk Art

Original Feng Shui Designs.

Created from 100% Genuine Silk.

Hand Framed at Affordable Prices.

Feng Shui indicates that the proper harmonious design will help channel energy ("qi" or life force) and improve the lives of a space's occupants by bringing fortune and luck. Our art selection incorporates the five Feng Shui elements: metal, earth, fire, water, and wood.

Popular Feng Shui decor and design items include bamboo plants and wall art pieces of Koi, Lotus flowers, Buddha, and Chinese dragons. You will find all of these and more in our silk art collection.

Feng Shui your home with our silk art. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or a full refund.

Feng Shui Inspired Silk Art

Lotus Art for Health Dragon Art for Strength & Power Horse Art for Success & Fame Koi Fish Art for Wealth & Success
Hand Designed Silk Art, Silk Embroidery - Lotus Flower Pond
Hand Designed Silk Art, Silk Embroidery - Good Wishes
Tiger Art for Protection Buddha Art for Good fortune Bamboo Art for Relationship Strength & Wealth