Pink, Red, and Yellow Roses-1 Pink, Red, and Yellow Roses-2 Pink, Red, and Yellow Roses-3 Pink, Red, and Yellow Roses-4 Pink, Red, and Yellow Roses-5 Pink, Red, and Yellow Roses-6 Pink, Red, and Yellow Roses-7

Pink, Red, and Yellow Roses


Details & Dimensions


Full of symbolic associations, roses hold significant meaning on both eastern and western culture. Red roses are the traditional symbol for love and have long symbolized beauty and perfection. Pink roses are a symbol of admiration, grace and elegance, while yellow roses can symbolize friendship and joy. Together, this bouquet of roses is rendered so lifelike that one can almost smell their fragrance. With near photographic resemblance in silk thread, this embroidered piece demonstrates the light-catching quality of silk and the stunning gradations of color that bring these roses to life.

- Hand designed silk embroidered art
- Frame: 28" x 21", Mat Opening: 22" x 15"
- Premium solid wood frame, black matte finish
- High-clarity glass
- Bevel-cut raised white mat
- Soft-mount option

Framed Embroidery: To clean, wipe with a soft cloth. To hang, use the preinstalled hangers on the back of the frame.

Soft-Mount Embroidery: Enjoy as-is or frame to your liking. The soft-mount can be cut to size and attached to a backboard.

$239.00 $59.00